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CEO of TechClove Software Products LLP

Everyone, who has a work exp of quiet a few years, some day or the other has zeal to open or establish something new – something of his own. Venkatesan Seshadri alias Venky, is such a person of the kind.

Amidst of all stressful projects, tension, over loaded work and sleepless nights, Venky and his friend Pranav were deciding to start something of their own. “Get out there…Start something….Our Story!” was a kind of conversation that was going on between them.

“We did the usual, made our business plans and spoke to a few people, but like most journeys, you can do all the prep in the world, but you got to do two things- Leave what you are currently doing and Starting off ”, said Venky, founder of Firstly, to leave a rewarding, exciting and well paid job like the one Microsoft offers, is not an easy task. But the overarching feeling is that one is living on borrowed resources. They still longed for the dirty small CRT. Secondly, to start something new in India is an all together differ experience. To all of us living the high life, the average Indian still hasn’t heard of Start-up’s and most certainly the operational cogs in the government wheel have no clue. Getting office space is a nightmare, especially in lovely Hyderabad, where someone like DLF got conned, imagine two mid aged techies.

They started their office from a small place- a garage with the restrooms’ located in the office next door. Next learning, very few people are actually running offices outside of big corporate India, the rest of entrepreneurial India chugs along, on existing business or not sure what they do. Result, the office next door, remained closed most of the time. An upmarket bakery a short scooter ride away turned out to be a huge relief.

“Key point to watch out for is, that if you are planning to launch an offbeat service, it’s very difficult in India. We are more geared towards doing stuff that involves shipping a physical good that the person at the other side can actually receive” said Venky.

In spite of all that it is, launching has been an immensely rewarding experience. They have come in contact with so many people that they would have never encountered in their sheltered employee life. “There is so much to learn and it’s all out there in the real world. Especially with software jobs, one is so cocooned, that it takes a lot to face the harsh realities of life. Starting something is fun, but to keep doing it is a very lonely road”, said Venky.

One really got to love what they do, because there isn’t much help coming. Keep plodding, keep believing, it’s your own!!

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  1. Great Concept and ideology to set up something new out of exciting , First thing I love the Color Combination you guys worked on the site and name is simply catchy and great..

    Just want to Give a Big Thumps Up and Share Happiness to Your Team

    Revalogy | Happiness is best when its Shared

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